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Competitive & Industry Analysis

Which of your products, services and messages give your organization the best
competitive advantage?   At SymAction, we know that critical decisions need to be
made with the best intelligence available.  Our firm has years of experience in both
primary and secondary market research to uncover key information that will help
you make the best decisions possible.

Our research focuses on the strengths, weaknesses and key data points within a
target group.  Once the marketplace is better understood, we offer strategic gap
analysis to find the key areas of opportunity and the points of differentiation
within your marketplace.

Since these analyses often require immediate initiation and completion of work,
we offer fast and efficient turnaround times while providing the best available

Why make uneducated guesses, when we can help you make informed decisions
that will better your organization and provide you with the competitive advantages
you need?

SymAction can provide you with competitive analyses, reports on your industry's best
practices, and strategic recommendations to stay ahead of the competition.  Examples

• Sales Strategy                               • Mergers & Acquisitions
• Marketing Strategy                       • Channel Management
• Operations Managements           • Change Management
• HR Practices/Salaries                   • Financial Analysis
• Market Sizing/GoTo Strategy       • Risk Analysis
• Supply Chain Management          • Online Strategy
• Organizational Structure              • Cost Analysis

Please contact us for more details on the types of competitive analyses that we can
offer you, as well as the costs associated with them.
Competitive & Industry
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