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Focus Group Moderators

Maximizing value from your focus group research starts with proper preparation.  
Our focus group moderators add value beyond facilitating your research sessions.  
As one of the leading
market research firms nationwide, we analyze which
messages work and which ones come up short in meeting the expectations of your
stakeholders (customers, clients, employees, shareholders, strategic partners,
voters, etc).

SymAction delivers sound focus group research --  recruiting an accurate sample of
your target demographics, drafting a thorough moderator's guide, preparing creative
session materials, moderating each session with every strategic objective in mind,
and delivering comprehensive analyses of our strategic findings and
recommendations.  Learn more about our
focus group moderation services (below)
contact a moderator today.

Advantages of Conducting Focus Groups:

Focus groups empower companies to uncover the honest reactions of their
customers, employees and other stakeholders.  With the right focus group
moderator, you can gain the qualitative information necessary to transform product
lines, advertising campaigns, internal communication materials, speeches and
much more.  Unravelling the mystery behind what a customer or employee thinks
and why they think in such a way can strengthen a company's competitive
advantages and improve its bottom line.

That’s why focus groups can play a pivotal role as you position your company in
ways that not even your biggest competitors will consider.  Industry leaders are
most successful when they tailor their products and services to the precise needs of
their customers.

Size of Focus Groups:

If you're seeking a traditional focus group, six to eight participants will be the
norm.  If you're seeking a wider range of qualitative feedback, then you can
realistically recruit 10 to 12 participants.  Remember, however many you recruit, your
focus group moderator needs ample time to enlist every participant's opinions.  
Regular focus groups will last about two hours without any major breaks.

If you're seeking a more advanced focus group, perhaps one that involves Instant
Response Technology (perhaps to measure customer response to TV ads), then
you'll want to schedule a three-hour session involving up to 25 to 30 participants.  
Instant Response Technology (IRT) is more quantitative than typical focus groups.  
As focus group participants react in real-time (to video/audio materials), you will
know exactly which messages resonate most strongly or poorly with them.

Location of Focus Groups:

Your target market will greatly influence the location of the research facility
selected.  Unless we expect some difficulty in the recruiting process (easily
determined in advanced), we usually recommend that focus group participants have
no more than a 15-minute commute to the research facility.  We recruit enough
participants to account for a few possible last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

Materials to Test in Focus Groups:

SymAction focus group moderators can test any creative materials (written, visual,
audio) that will be used to communicate with your stakeholders -- whether they are
customers (prospective or existing), employees, shareholders, the media and
others.  We can determine which messages work and which ones come up short in
meeting their expectations.  Our moderators can also incorporate written exercises
for your participants, in order to provide more a quantitative base for any opinions
they may share.  

Costs of Focus Groups:

Focus group moderating costs can vary on multiple factors -- including, but not
limited to, the degree of ease/difficulty in recruiting a representative sample size
of customers/clients, whether we are recruiting from your own list or a broader list
using specific demographics, the amount of the incentive fee (necessary to pay the
participants for their time), the target market, the degree of involvement from us
(moderating only or conducting the entire research project), and whether you prefer
a traditional focus group or a larger group with instant response technology.

SymAction's Focus Group Moderators:

As seasoned focus group moderators, we will probe every product or service
offering, every customer experience, and every message that can make your services
more attractive to prospective and existing customers.  We will not only extract their
honest reactions, but we will also uncover the reasons behind them.

We are meticulous in our methodologies when moderating these focus groups.  We
understand how to get the very best feedback out of those who are capable of
unleashing a wealth of information – all of which will strengthen your core services
(and any new programs you’re hoping to launch) and how they are promoted.

We have moderated focus groups for many Fortune 100 companies and leading
industry associations in recent years.  Our responsibilities have ranged from simply
facilitating a focus group to handling the entire strategic planning and execution of
a focus group (drafting moderator's guides, developing additional materials for
testing, writing analyses of the research findings, executing strategic plans).

Please contact us for more details on the types of focus group projects we
undertake, as well as the costs associated with them.
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