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Public Relations & Marketing

Every company knows that they misspend half of their marketing budget.  They just
don’t know which half.  

At SymAction Communications, we focus on diagnosing the situation quickly and
prescribing public relations and marketing strategies that will not only help
accomplish your immediate and future objectives, but also in a cost effective way.

Why SymAction Communications?

SymAction Communication brings a collection of talented backgrounds – from its
principals to its entire staff – to implement the most effective solutions for any
business environment.

We have a proven track record of helping organizations (and individual executives)
improve their:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Earned Media Placement
  • Market Research
  • Media Training
  • Crisis Management
  • Viral & Guerrilla Marketing
  • Sales Training
  • Employee Communication
  • Labor Relations
  • Sales Productivity

contact us for more details on the types of public relations and marketing
projects that we can offer you, as well as the costs associated with them.
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