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Sales Training / Sales Strategy

Every company allocates the time and resources to train and educate its sales team.  
Yet, the one ingredient that takes a company “from good to great” and strengthens its
internal sales training is customer feedback.  At SymAction Communications, we will
complete the circle of knowledge by elevating your customer’s voice and determining
which messages resonate most powerfully in the sales process.  The only effective
method of communication-based selling is the one that seeks to understand exactly
what the customer is hearing, not just what the sales member is saying.  

By measuring what your customers want to hear, and refining what your sales team
must consequently say, will help you:

  • Increase revenue and conversion ratios
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Raise employee retention and morale

Sectors We Serve:  Financial Services  |  Home Mortgage  | Insurance  |  Pharmaceutical

Why SymAction Communications?

SymAction’s sales training utilizes the most innovative and effective research
methodology to identify, test and develop the optimal language and approach for
your sales team during a sales cycle.

Our training sessions provide your sales team members a chance to watch their
colleagues in simulated sales cycles (from mock referral leads) while actual
prospective customers react to their messages/pitches/scripts in a live focus group
setting (using Instant-Response Technology).

SymAction Communications will facilitate these sessions and provide the key
quantitative and qualitative takeaways to help your management, training staff and
employees refine their message and sales approach.  Staying ahead of the
competition means staying in sync with the reactions of your customers and the
corresponding techniques of your sales force.
Sales Training
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