SymAction communications


Sales Training

Every company allocates the time and resources to train and educate its sales team.  Yet, the one ingredient that takes a company “from good to great” and strengthens its internal training is customer feedback.  We complete the circle of knowledge by elevating your customer’s voice and determining which messages resonate most powerfully in the sales process.  The only effective method of communication-based selling is the one that measures exactly what the customer is hearing, not just what the sales rep is saying.  

crisis manAgeMENT

A crisis can escalate or subside from one simple response. You cannot reverse past events, you can control how you communicate moving forward. We understand how to craft and manage the right messages in order to steer you through a crisis.  We help you respond to media pressure, public reactions, and internal unrest. But above all, we help you transcend the short-term perils of a crisis in order to build long-term credibility, respect and appreciation among all those involved.


Every company knows that they misspend half of their marketing budget.  They just don’t know which half.  At SymAction Communications, we focus on diagnosing the situation quickly and prescribing public relations and marketing strategies that will not only help accomplish your immediate and future objectives, but also in a cost effective way.


We craft and administer surveys, online and phone, to any desired internal or external audience. This quantitative research can help measure public opinion, validate the most effective messages or product/company names, anticipate demand for new products/services, determine the most compelling marketing collateral/images, identify interest in a new product/service line, and assess competitive advantages in the marketplace. In our experience, it's not enough for us to report what the respondents like, rather what they like most over the next best options. That's why we prioritize "ranking" over "rating" in our quantitative research, pushing respondents to make clear choices, so that you have the highest confidence when acting on our findings and recommendations. 


Maximizing value from your focus group research starts with proper preparation.  Our focus group moderators add value beyond facilitating your research sessions.  As one of the leading market research firms nationwide, we analyze which messages work and which ones come up short in meeting the expectations of your stakeholders (customers, clients, employees, shareholders, strategic partners, voters, etc).


Competitive analysis

Which of your products, services and messages give your organization the best competitive advantage?   Our firm has two decades of experience in both primary and secondary market research to uncover key intelligence and insights that will help you make the best decisions possible.Our research focuses on the strengths, weaknesses and key data points within a target group.  Once the marketplace is better understood, we offer strategic gap analysis to find the key areas of opportunity and the points of differentiation within your marketplace. Why make uneducated guesses, when we can help you make informed decisions that will better your organization and provide you with the competitive advantages you need?

Strategic planning

We have extensive experience in moderating board retreats and executive/staff gatherings that require the development of a strategic plan. We help you develop and assess a comprehensive SWOT analysis before crafting an actual plan. While strategic planning is highly recommended on an annual basis, it requires extra attention when considering major personnel changes, cost-cutting measures, expansion/contraction of products and/or services, succession planning, leadership and communication challenges. We work closely with your entire team to develop engaging exercises that will extra the most candid and valuable feedback from your team members, in order to produce a strategic plan that is consistent with your overarching vision and mission.